Girls, would you date the Asian guys who were raised in Asia?

  • yes, of course
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  • no, they're not attractive at all
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  • I'm a racist.
    9% (1)50% (4)25% (5)Vote
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  • My SO is a Chinese American who was raised in the US, however his mom wasn't-She is from the mainland.. She was/is very strict with him, sometimes with me. I love the cultural things like the food and the pure smartness and discipline of my guy (he is a Doc) but sometimes his mom is a little overwhelming. They get together and speak Mandarin together, and I can only understand a little tiny bit of what they are saying.
    I know I didn't answer your question. I will say that we have been together for 3 years now, live together under the same roof, and I think one day he will propose. So every relationship has a chance:)


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  • Lol at the 3rd choice

  • Nope


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