Are we going on a date?

I've known this girl for over a year she is very good friends with my room mate and we all work together anyways we've always gone out in a group the two of us have never really been alone together but she has always treated me differently than everyone else teasing me at times i've caught her staring at me multiple times anyways over the last month ever since she got my number we have been talking to each other more and there have been moments between us she gave me a ride into and back from work last week and i asked her if i could help with gas and she said no just take me out for some ice cream i texted her this weekend to see if she wanted to go on Sunday she said yes but then had to cancel because of work so we said Thursday night i can't tell if we are going on a date or not i dont have as much experience in this field as others guys do


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  • Yes, you are.

    • I honestly dont know i saw her today she asked are we still on for Thursday and i said yes of course and she said than she asked if we should bring this person i said i think it would be fun if we just went and then she changed the subject i think i'm reading to much into things i'm still going to go with a positive attitude and see what happens

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  • It sounds like it could be a date yeah