If a girl is much shorter than you, is it a problem?

Hi guys and girls. I'm going on a date with a guy this Thursday and I'm really nervous because of his height. Since he's 6'4 (195 cm) and I am 5'2 (158 cm) I think it is gonna be awkward. However, he says that it is really cute that I'm that short. But I'm worried, because if it is goona work, it will be a bit uncomfortable... I know that this is stupid, but. Did you date a girl, who was that short? Was it fine for you?


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  • i doubt it's an issue for most.

    proof: in high school, my 4-foot-9 best friend dated a guy who was, like, 6'5. sure, he had to bend over to kiss her, but neither of them ever made an issue of it.

    (that was 10 years ago; her current man is also 6'5-ish, if that makes you feel better)

  • Why be worried? If you are flexible, having different heights may open extra opportunities.