How do I compliment on what a women is wearing without it coming off weird or haunt me?

The dress code at my work has recently changed. Everyone dressed nice now starting today.. There's a female coworker that looks really nice. We don't talk all that much we seem kinda quiet to each other I don't know shy I can't just keep the thought to myself. I want to tell her that she looks good but I'm afraid she will take it the wrong way and it won't be good... what really (if any) there any professional ways to convey this? I thought about saying hey don't take it the wrong way, but you look nice today leave it that, do you think that would work? Any other creative safe ways?


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  • "Don't take it the wrong way but you look nice today" lol😂😂😂
    How about just a friendly smile and say.. " ___ (her name).. you're look very good today.. "

    • you look very pretty everyday

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    • I just understand why somebody has to be that immature

    • Came in today and everyone was talking about matching clothes, and the lady next to me said look even matches us, looks good doesn't he, she never even looked directly at me or acknowledged me, but faced my general direcrion. Probably looking corner of her eye, I swear we dig in each other but at the same time it feels so tense like I had better stop


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  • Just tell her she looks lovely. Nothing more, nothing less. Keep it a simple statement of fact.

    • Don't try and justify your statement. Just, "You look lovely". Leave it at that. See what happens... :-)

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    • I think most ladies like to get a simple compliment. If she says thank you, leave it 2 or 3 days then up the stakes a bit. "WOW! You Do look so lovely". See how she takes that. If it's cool, just back off.

    • I wish you could see how she acts