Was I wrong for ending the relationship?

I really think we could be good together. At the beginning on the relationship I fell for him. He was dodging me on seeing me so i gave up and lost a good amount of feelings. I've been trying to get those feelings back now that he wants to see me so much. But I toldt a friend that I didn't think he loved me but it was comforting to hear. He keeps bringing her up knowing we fight over it. I've been seriously trying. Well i ended and now he's all depressed and threatening to kill himself. He tells me he's going to change but he never does. What should I do?


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  • Attend the funeral.

    • So I should make up?

    • Not exactly. Either he is playing on your pitty in which he wouldn't do harm to himself either way. Or he is very mentally disturbed in which case he may harm himself or you or even both.
      If you see a potential for a relationship to become of it and actually work out and of coarse he isn't crazy then yes make up

    • Thank you.


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  • No I dont think sp.. It sounds like its not gonna work out anyway


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  • There is no right or wrong. You did what you had to do.