Should I delete his number or wait a little longer... please answer?

I met this guy last Thursday that asked for my number. He asked to see me Sunday (ice cream and getting to know each other) and I said okay to it. On Friday he switched the day to Saturday because he was going out of town with his dad... and I was free so I said okay again. On Saturday he canceled because he got called in to work and he said maybe Sunday would work, which I was confused because he would be out of town but I said okay again. All these okays right? When Sunday came he had texted me saying hey and after that I heard nothing else from him, so I texted me on Monday asking what happened. He said he was too embarrassed to tell me he didn't have any money to go out with me so I well we can just talk, we don't have to get anything. So we agreed to meet today and I haven't heard from him once today.

Why is he being so flaky?
What should I do?

Thank you all for your opinions and answers that helped me confirm to stop dealing with him as a whole. It's Friday today and he hasn't said anything to me since Tuesday which means he f'n dissed me. So I told him how messed up he was this morning through a text and told him a I was in which he replied right away, so there was nothing wrong with his phone.


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  • If someone lets me down once I assume they are busy. Twice - unreliable , but anymore than that I assume they are taking the piss.

    Even if he's sincere when he said he felt embarrassed about not having money, I'd appreciate that, but It shows he'll distance himself whenever he faces things which he finds difficult to confront. I couldn't be in a relationship with a guy like that. It would frustrate me too much


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  • He sounds unconfident and insecure. That's a bad sign. You should date strong, confident and secure men. He's not a man. He's a boy

  • Personally can't be with a flaky person. Doesn't work


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  • Assure him that friendship is free and you would pay for the ice-cream if he doesn't have the money :- )

    • There was no need to pay for anything for a guy like him. I'm willing to pay for people male or female but this was not the case.