Why did my coworker smile at me when we talk?

Today was my first day at a new job (it's a pizza parlor) and a coworker was showing me around. He asked me a ton of questions throughout our shift like how old am I and what's my favorite pizza flavor. He was surprised at my age and later told he's the same age. Whenever we talk, he always smiles at me. I am not going to look too much into this, because at the beginning of our shift he said he was leaving but at the end, he said he said he was thinking of staying because our boss would definitely take him back.


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  • Smiling is polite and creates a connection between two people. It's easier to warm up to a smiling person, than to one that's not.
    It was your first day too, so he wanted to make you feel comfortable.

    I smile to everyone I talk to, especially new people. It's just trying to be nice and not make the other person think they're boring me,


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  • Be happy people still smile to each other. Its better than the cool looks you often get when taking public transport or on the street.


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  • He's human. We have the capability of lifting the ends of our mouth, which signals amusement, entertainment, happiness, etc. it's a human thing to do.
    *reaches a finger out* nice meeting you E. T.

  • either interested or is just curious


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