Do women who are interested on men NOT show their interest/signs? If so, why?

I'm quite keen on this woman at work. I somehow think she fancies me or at least thinks I'm attractive.
We always catch each others eyes and she always seems to look away (when I catch her looking) doesn't smile, has that resting bitch face or tries to hide her keenness.

Any advice?
I am naturally a happy chappy kind of guy so I always smile at others however I somehow find it difficult to smile at women I fancy...


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  • Difficult to say because every woman is different. I know I am shy and if I fancy a guy I will have a hard time smiling and usually have resting bitch face like the person you're referring to. I will try and make eye contact but usually end up looking down. If she looks down afterwards it's usually a sign that she is attracted but shy/embarrassed to be caught looking. Sometimes however I will feel confident enough to make eye contact and smile if I feel the guy is displaying signs of interest too. On the other hand there are the confident ones who have no problem being openly flirty and obvious about their interest like someone has already said. You may be better off trying to get to know this one a bit better, say hi and start a convo if you can. good luck!


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  • Ask her out


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  • hard one, it depends on many things
    I am usually you so I deal w guys like that
    I don't know why some people are like that
    she could fancy you and be shy, or in a relationship or not up for a relationship...

  • No, we don't hide it. If she's interested she will flirt with you, at least by eye contact and smiles if nothing else.


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