Am I over reacting about my fiance talking to this older attractive women? I feel so sad ever since I saw her?

Well we broke up last year and got back together this year, everything has been going good. During our break I heard her was taking someone shopping in the mall and I believe he was cheating right before we broke it off because of his actions. He has never admitted to it or have I seen anything in my face. I was really hurt by him during the break up and got back because I felt he was sincere. Haven't felt insecure all year until now. His old neighborhood acquaintance was killed and he's been keeping in touch with the mother of the deceased. I wasn't tripping at first and understood, they always keep in contact, I felt bad for her but when we got back together she called one day and his voice while speaking to her brought up red flags. It sound like concern for someone you like in a very intimate way. I've known him since ninth grade so it's hard to be fooled by him. Mind you that I never saw her so I always pictured her to look like like one of our mothers. Without seeing her his voice sent an alarm. So I was like what do you have going on with her? So after that they never spoke in front of me but one day he told me to check his phone and I saw where they were texting. Then the next day he deleted it. So yesterday was her sons one year anniversary of being dead and that morning we only had my car to use because his was in the shop. I had stuff I needed to do but he kept stressing me that I needed to stay home and study. I found that strange, declined, drove him to work and we pass where her son was kilt to see her putting up a cross. We stop and this is my first time seeing her. She doesn't look like one of our mothers, young looking and attractive. I instantly got mad cause now I'm thinking you liked her all along and been talking to her cause she all cute and stuff. So now I feel he has a hidden agenda and in her presence I felt he likes her. He got out the car and made it his business to dig out the dirt and pit the cross in sweating bullets.

Now I feel the insecurities coming back and I feel real sad. I called him out of course he denied it and wanted to be all lovey dovey. I just have been real aggravated with him and don't want to be bothered because I feel like he's been sneaky. He also seemed sad after he saw that I was upset and acting different.
Im also older than my profile says. We are 28 years old. Oh and he's dated older women in the past, even in high school.


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  • Everyone on this site knows this one's over but you. You don't trust him and that means this relationship is doomed

    • But what do you do when you really love a person and when y'all break up you miss them so much and nobody else is able to fill that void even though you don't trust him.

    • You accept splitting up is right heal and get on with your life. It's more painful being in a bad relationship that's going nowhere than breaking up

What Girls Said 2

  • He is wrong for you

  • you need to move on from this guy. otherwise you will get more hurt.