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OK so I have been with my boyfriend for 7 months and I messed up really bad I kissed a guy and then told him cuz their is no secrets between us then he got all mad and I tried talking about it but he said whatever be happy with him. I text him but doesn't replay he views my story. He got a girlfriend now and it hasn't even been a week since this happened help thank you


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  • he broke up with you and got a new girls. relationship is over. Thats happened.


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  • Then move on. He is not really into you. If he can't forgive you with what happened there is no hope that you could go back again. Especially he already have a new girlfriend now. Its only a week then he already have a new girlfriend. That is strange huh. Maybe he already has the other girl even during your relationship and he is just looking for a way to get out of your relationship.

    Let him go and move on. Find someone who will truly be honest to you.