She said she doesn't want to rush things. What does she mean?

So I've been dating this amazing girl for nearly a month. We've been on 4 dates, and after the third I admitted I liked her and she did likewise. This eased the pressure on the fourth date, and we kissed a few times. We're both not very forward type of people, but kissing her felt right and she seemed to enjoy it. The next day I got a message from her saying that "although she really likes me, she wants to take things slow," which made me worry slightly. She and her ex broke up amicably after a 4 year relationship (things fizzled out apparently and she moved back home) and she said they still talk every now and then. I myself recently came out of a 1 year relationship 2 months ago, but the break up was messy.

I really like this girl, but I have no idea what she wants. I'm happy to go at a steady pace and not rush things, but her saying she wants to take it slow after kissing her, feels like she wants to backtrack and it was mistake. Please help me!


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  • She is uncertain about you.


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  • well, i am younger than you so... haha i am probably much more in experienced with relationships but i have a similar story to you. By any chance have you asked her why she wants to take it slow? if it is someone who truly loves you, you should be able to express your feelings without the fear of being judged with negativity. With me i brought it up with my girl and she explained everything to me. It may not be the answer you are looking for and it certainly wasn't for me. But if you haven't brought it up the first time. DO SO. ask her but never do it a second time and suck it up like i have and take things slow. It might hurt you a little bit but just play things slow like she wants. She is most likely unsure right now :/ Unsure of whether or not her actions are what she really wants. Give her a little more space than usual make sure you dont suffocate her. Best of luck!