Girls, Has this situation happened to you ever?

Have you met a random guy you were sexually attracted to, because of his looks. He seemed like a nice guy and had a conversation on society, ethics, philosophy, science , spirituality within the first 10 minutes of conversation with you.
So did you end up completely losing sexual attraction in him and was not interested anymore, because his topics were boring/ creepy for the first meeting?

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  • Personally, I wouldn't have interest in those topics and would definitely be lost for words. Which might seam like I lost interest, but in reality I just don't know what to say back or most likely wouldn't be able to hold a conversation on those topics. But if I was sexually attracted to a nice guy I wouldn't loose interest straight away regardless of what he talks about. I would give him a chance. Not everyone you meet will have the exact same interest, so if it seams like she's losing interest change the topic to something a bit lighter. Hope this helps

    • Thanks. What topics would you prefer the random guy you are sexually attracted to, to talk with you?


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  • Doesn't it depend on the women's intention? If she just wanted to get into your pants then I can see her losing interest when she has sex on her mind. If she wanted to get into your pants but was interested in you, she would engage in conversation and not lose interest.

    • Thanks. So you mean that if she only wanted casual sex, she won't be interested anymore, but if she wanted a relationship she would like the conversation?

    • Yes pretty much

    • have you personally been in such a situation?

  • Yes.. I believe someone can be attractive but fails at giving the greatest first impressions which also involves the "conversation". That's a big deal right there.

    • Thanks. So with the above topics mentioned, would you still be sexually attracted to him or lose?

  • No. I would find those topics interesting too.

    • Thanks. Have you personally met a random guy you found sexually attractive, talk those topics?

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    • Haha yeah we would have a lot to talk about

    • seriously,, I mean I end up always attracting the girls who are total party freaks and have no time for reality. I am totally pissed at times. I just had no luck finding a girl like you; simply smart, genuine and nice to look at ;)
      I seem curious to know more about you.

  • If I really fancy a man, I'm happy to talk to him about anything really. The subjects you mention are interesting to me, but if I fancied him I would be interested in whatever he had to say.

    However if he did say something creepy or offensive, or sounding like he hates women etc. then it would put me off.

    • Thanks. What if you really fancy the guy and listen to those topics above when he talks and also disagree with his point of view on those topics. What would you do?

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    • Nice to hear that. What sort of topics would be boring for you?

    • Nothing he said would be boring, as I'd be interested in him and what he had to say.

      I wouldn't want him to talk about other women, although that's because it would just piss me off.

  • Only older men say 35+ and I don't lose interest

    • Thanks. I didn't get it. Sorry.