Why was this dude SO BUSY to hang out with me before, but now all of a sudden he's hitting up my phone & wants to see me?

Seriously, since April I had been telling him how I'd like to meet up with him, hang out, go out, etc. We didn't text daily but I would remind him like hey I'd really like to hang out with you, etc. He would tell me he's so busy with his factory job and is so tired after that he hardly had time to. And he said he'd get back to me but then would never. We even had a day planned about a month ago, when he told me he was finishing said job and would have more free time. The day came and went and he never messaged me or anything. Then a week plus later he messaged me apologizing, and said his work ran later than expected. The thing is, he's 21... His job isn't like some high end job.. It's factory work and I don't think he even works every single day. Soo I took that as disinterest or he was seeing someone else.

Now, this last week, he has been blowing up my phone wanting to see me. A few days ago he invited me to this firework thing at his house, then later that night to a party (I couldn't go to either) and then yesterday again he send me 5 long messages, and told me he was out of town but wants to see me Monday.

Why the sudden interest? He had told me he was nervous about seeing me, and that he was looking forward to finally doing so... But when he kept pushing it further I doubted that entirely.


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  • Maybe he decided he wants to start being with a girl finally to go and do things since it is summer unless another girl bailed on him that he may have been seeing


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  • He was dating another chick, it didn't work out, so he decided to try again with you. That is my guess.