Between a guy you really like and a guy who really loves you, who would you choose?

the guy that supposedly loves you has hurt you in the past. and the guy you really like well you just really like him


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  • Which one makes you happier, which one do you see as the possiblity of the most joy...


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  • Meh why not keep both of them if you can't decide bit tricky if you get caught...i don't think you can handle both of them most girls can't even manage one...


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  • The truth is sooner or later everyone is going to hurt you in one way or another. Becareful on what you do, just don't be with a guy because he loves you, you have to care about him the same way. Also what did he do that hurt you, has he changed?

    The guy you now, why do you like him. Think about what kind of relationship you might have with the two of them. Just do what is best for you. Good luck and follow your heart

  • pick the guy you really like

    the guy who loves you, already had a chance with you and he hurt you.

    the new guy hasn't done anything so go out with him

    as for the old guy, he had his turn. if things don't work out with the new guy then go back with him. if he's in love with you you probably can have him whenever you want him

    • "if he's in love with you you probably can have him whenever you want him"

      That's far from true. People move on, meet new people, and if exploited loose interest. You'll learn with age that when you play those games and don't know what you want, you end up missing the boat and have to live with that regret (sometimes for the rest of your life).

    • If he isn't available she can always move on, meet new people, and lose interest as well. the point is, her ex obviously did something to hurt her, and they aren't together. what if she regrets not seeing what could be with this new guy? he could move on? the old guy had his chance so he should be low priority