Don't know what to do about this girl?

I started talking to a girl at work. She told me from the begining she had little time between work and school. We have been talking every day for over two months either facetime, texting and calling. To the point that we would be communicating from the time we woke up till we fall asleep. We finally got to hang out and I tried to respect what she said about taking things slow. But by the end of the night she was pushing up on me and we ended up kissing. When she went away for the weekend she told me she couldnt get me out of her head. But now every time i try to hang out she tells me no. I did get jeolous couple of times with her. She told me that we can't hang out cuz all she wants right now is a friendship and i can't do that. But she was the one pushing up on me. And facetime me and calling and texting me everyday. I got mad and went off the other night cuz she won't hang out with me. I dont know what to do. Ignore her for awhile or keep playing her game? Any suggestions


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  • Keep your distance until she realizes how much she wants you. Don't fall into her trap.

  • No, don't play her game. Just ignore her