Which would you rather prefer that also builds up attraction?

  • Online dating
    10% (1)30% (3)20% (4)Vote
  • Randomly approaching someone
    30% (3)10% (1)20% (4)Vote
  • Introduced by a mutual friend, say in college dorms
    60% (6)50% (5)55% (11)Vote
  • Online dating/ random approaches give pretty much the same result
    0% (0)10% (1)5% (1)Vote
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What is it about mutual friends, that other two options lack?

Also what if you break up, then it can get kinda awkward between friends, especially if you live in dorms, don't you think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't like online dating.

    • That makes the two of us lol... but what's your reason?

    • -people can lie
      -we don't know if there's any REAL chemestry, physical attraction, lust
      -nothing beats meeting people face to face and engaging in spontaneous conversations

    • -People can also lie in real life. Don't believe them instantly.
      -well that might be true. But you can still get that physical attraction with their pics
      -And this one I definitely have to agree on. Here we are talking on Gag. Don't know if the other person is even real, you may just be a bot talking... JK xD

Most Helpful Guy

  • Safety. Its like when your friend buys an Xbox, and suggest to you that its a great system and worth buying. You feel a lot more comfortable dropping 400$ because you trust your friends opinion


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  • Online dating/random strangers.
    I don't want to meet their friends or be acquainted with them, women are pros at being toxic and jealous, I don't want contact with any outside influences.

  • I like online dating myself.

  • I'm way too shy to randomly approach someone, but it still seems better than the other two options.

    • You're in high school, so if try approaching it's gonna work perfectly. She's gonna admire your confidence.
      And also since not a lot of guys have the guts to approach in high schools, so you'll be at an advantage

  • All of them sounds good