I am not sure if he likes me or if I was just a hook up?

I've known this guy for about a year. Initially we were just friends but then it he started to flirt with me and I liked him so I went along with it. We ended up going out a few times but he seemed cautious to make any major move on me. Because of that, I couldn't be sure if he was interested in me. I couldn't stop thinking about him though so I took the initiative to meet up again. On that last meeting he seemed to show clearer signs that he was thinking of me more than a friend and we ended up hooking up. He seemed excited and happy that it happened. I thought he really liked me then. But the next morning when we were parting ways he says to me that he doesn't know when we will meet next because he will be busy the rest of July and will be travelling for 24 days in August. We are both students and will be attending different universities come fall so I doubt he has any intentions of seeing me then if he has already written off the summer. I was disappointed hearing this as I really liked him and assumed I wouldn't hear from him again. But he then sends me this text after I leave saying he had a great time and was really glad I went and flirt a little. I really like this guy but I'm sure what to think anymore, should I forget about him or is there a chance he actually likes me?

I would like to see him again but because he said he would be busy for the rest of the summer, I don't know how to make that happen?


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  • Sounds like a hook up by the sound of it


What Girls Said 2

  • If he isn't really making plans to actually further things then yes, he's just looking for something casual and isn't invested in making you his girlfriend.

  • think about you want-honestly.

    is it working for you the way things are now- if you could change anything what would it be?

    if what you would change is something you can try to change do that. if it does not reap desired results, id move on.

    take control of what yo can and do what you can. its never about whether it just magically is a good d\situation. its about whether you can make it good or its not possible.