Can't ask him out, help?

I really want to ask out this guy I like but I can't seem to get up the nerve! I feel so nervous and get anxiety just thinking about it. I'm just not confident enough to straight up ask a guy out cause I'm afraid of rejection, cause that's mostly what I'm used to and it sucks. Any tips?


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  • Well, has that guy given even the slightest hint that he is interested in you. If you guys are already kind of friends, then hang out with him in a large group of friends. Get to know each other, and if he drops even the slightest hint, just tell him how you feel. Trust me, a guy wouldn't mind. In fact, if he is by any chance interested in you, he will be so relieved. Let me tell you, it is harder for guys to ask girls out than for girls to ask guys. Good luck!

    • That's the thing, it's sometimes hard to tell. He's nice to me and all, but he's also just a really sweet guy so it could be nothing. He's a coworker so we're both usually busy and don't get to chat that much.

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    • Does your company have barbecues or go out for lunch sometimes. If so, you can find an opportunity to talk to him there. Just go up to him and be like "hey, I know we work together but we don't really talk a lot. How are you" and so on. After you have set a foundation and gotten to know him, you will find that he talks to you more at work. After 2 weeks of that, you can tell him how you feel.

    • Yeah the company does do things like that. I just need to find the right opportunity where I'm not asking him out in front of all our coworkers lol thanks for your help :)

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  • If you have his number you could causally ask if he wants to go see a movie or get lunch. Sometimes it's easier to do that over text message. If you don't have it you can always invite him to a party or group event so you get to know him better.

    • Unfortunately I don't have his number :(


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  • Mutual friend?

  • Next time you see him just drop your pants, bend over and see if he does anything, that way you get to fuck without having to say a word :)


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