Would you be hurt if?

if met your boyfriend's brother before your were dating. You started dating and you referred to your boyfriend as your boyfriend while his brother was around. His brother goes "is she really your girlfriend" and your boyfriend goes "sure". The brother gets really excited but that's it. Maybe I'm over analyzing or maybe it has nothing to do with me, but I felt kinda insulted as "sure" as an answer. Maybe it's because he was drinking or because he was just talking to his brother. idk


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  • Don't worry too much about it. They're brothers, so they'll be able to say a lot to each other in very little words. The brother will probably have a pretty good impression of your relationship just by the way your boyfriend said 'sure'. For example if he said it as if it were self-evident, it might (it's important to keep in mind there's no universal 'code' to understand such communication, it's based on shared conversations and experiences that go back years) mean he's confident everything is going well and he doesn't expect to break up with you any time soon. It's an awesome way to talk about your feelings without having to admit you have any. It's a special kind of insanity that all men share lol.

    Anyway if the brother got excited when he heard that answer, I'm sure it's nothing bad. You shouldn't worry he's taking you for granted or anything like that based on this event. It's likely it never even occured to him that you might feel hurt when he gave that answer (the drinking is probably to blame for that), and had he known he might have said something more considerate.

    • Idk some people were just telling me its rude or I should be hurt the brother didn't already know. although my boyfriend does keep to himself a lot and even said he swore his brother knew, but w/e. yeah I guess if the brother got excited that's good


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  • A lot of guys say "Sure" just to get rid of a quest or person. Most likely his brother was starting to annoy him or something so he just wanted to advance with the conversation and end it asap. Then maybe get back to you.

    If you think the other brother didn't know; I think "Is she REALLY your girlfriend?" is kinda of a complement. Meaning he finds you quite attractive and can't believe his brother's that lucky. ;)

  • I fell ya! I hate when people say sure to things. especially serious things. it really upsets me


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  • Well if you said he was "under the influence"...it may have a lot to do with that but they do say when your are intoxicated...you say the "real" honest deal so I would be offended THIS TIME. But in the future watch close what he labels you as...

    • He always labels me as his girlfriend.like when we are out we are introduced as a couple. I don't think what he said denied me as his girlfriend so I'm kinda confused what you mean

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    • Hey I tell it how I see it. That all I can say...Good Luck!!! =)

    • No I just don't understand. Like I don't get what you're saying