Girls, what are your opinions about the "direct approach"?

What do you think / feel when a guy flatly says what he wants? Would you prefer it?

Guys, what are your thoughts and experiences on this?

When I say "what he wants", I mean anything: one night stand, short-term hook up, long-term relationship, whatever.


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  • Doesn't this fall under the cold approach? Because if so, then I don't like it. Cold approaches never worked on the guy's favor, in my experience, no matter how attractive or unattractive he was. It just always left me too taken aback, tongue-tied, and wary - depending on the place, to engage with him in any positive way. With that said, I guess the direct approach is better than the indirect approach. It at least takes the edge off of not knowing his intentions and is less awkward and frustrating than the indirect approach. It gives you the chance to give them a firm answer because they clearly asked you, whereas you can't really assume what their intentions are when they go about it indirectly and outright reject them if you didn't like them, because for all you know they were just trying to make friendly, innocent conversation.

    • I've never heard of the "cold approach" before. :-/ I wouldn't express interest in a girl like a robot, though. I'd try to at least be human about it.

      Given how confusing girls' behavior has been for me in the past, I'd rather they just come right out and tell me that they:

      - Think I'm fun and want to be my pal.
      - Want to be my girlfriend.
      - Want my ****** in their *********.

      I'm willing to do the same.

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    • Yeah, that's probably true. Dropping hints doesn't work with a lot of people.

    • Yep, just give her time to think about it.

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  • I think it depends on how well they know each other, and the chemistry between them. If a guy walks up to a random girl and say that he 'wants' her, he will fail miserably, unless he is EXTREMELY hot.


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  • It takes the guesswork out of things and saves time. Just don't be rude about it.

  • I prefer it

  • I would prefer a guy who is honest about his intentions instead of a guy who is not.


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  • All girls will tell you they prefer it, while they don't
    They chase abusers