Is a single mom interested in me?

I've had a couple of dates with a single mom over the past 8 months. Things have always seemed to go well. I always thought we really got along, and I'm not turned-off by her already having a kid (she said that had been an issue for her before).

Anyway, we've only had two dates. She said that her job has been requiring travel, so she isn't local very often. When she is, she has custody of her kid. I offered that I would be open to a kid-safe date (i. e. a day at the zoo) when she is local, and she said that she appreciated the thought, but didn't want me in the kid's life one day, and then gone the next, in case we didn't work out. For the kid, I do understand the reasoning.

Anyway, it has been about three months since our last date. I miss her. When I ask if she wants to do something, her response is similar to, "I have my [kid] when I'm home, and I'm just really busy between [the kid], my job, and [my ex]."

I get that she works and has a kid. I guess I'm just wondering if I'm an "extra card," so-to-speak. I don't want to be rude or pushy. If she really is busy, I don't want to stress her further. I really am interested in her, and open-minded to being a step-dad. I guess I thought that if she was interested in a relationship that we might see each other a bit more often than once every 3+ months. And in the past, I have been the "stand by" for a girl in case the current relationship didn't work.

Am I just being too anxious? I don't have any kids, and have never dated a single mom before, so I don't want to possibly ruin something great before it can take off. She and I still have text messages every couple of days, and she has sent me pics / recordings of her and her kid. Some of my friends said to take that as a good sign: she wouldn't let me see pics / recordings of her kid if she really didn't like me, or wasn't at least considering a relationship.

Any feedback / suggestions? Input from single moms would be great.


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  • I think she's probably just s good mom and is putting her kid first (which is the right thing of course). I think she likes you too.

    You also sound like a very nice man. I like how you're not judging and actually thinking of kid friendly dates. Hope she doesn't let you go. She'd be sorry.


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  • Being that both of my marriages have been to single moms I would agree with you friends that told you she would not have opened up the aspects of sharing any part of her child's life with you if she were not considering something of a more perminant nature with you.. You are doing well in not being persistent with her , but don't act uninterested either.
    If the possibilities of being a step dad doesn't throw you off , it shows her this if you ask little questions regarding this child. When she is convinced that your interest is real and honest she will be more open to sharing things about her child.
    It isn't often that I read this type of post young man. I can appreciate where your coming from , and wish you only luck in this working out for you.

  • She can't be THAT busy... really. Your best move here is to create space and become a challenge, resist talking to her and giving details about what you're up to. If she actually likes you she will come to you... but only if you give her the space to do so. Follow me?

  • she probBly banging a few dudes and ur one of them. let it be, its not worth it