Should I make demands from men?

To be clear I'm not talking about crazy things like gifts or impossible tasks.

I'm almost 30 years old and I have never been in a relationship. I have no problems finding men that are interested in me. However I do find that after about a month they just seem to stop making time for me and let me go. Often for women who display unfavorable characteristics such as being difficult, bitchy, controlling, unreasonable, even abusive.

My approach with men has always been to be open, understanding, and respectful. I just tske them how they come. I don't complain when they have too much work and can't see me or if they want time with their friends/family. I don't ask to go out for expensive meals or events, I'm happy just spending time on the couch. I'm open to trying just about anything in bed. Basically I've always made sure that I am the complete opposite of unfavorable characteristics I've ever seen displayed by other women/heard men complain about. I'm also a professional who doesn't need someone to take care of me financially or in any other way.
I'm starting to think that I end up not being a priority and simply disposable to a man because I am so easy going.

Thoughts? Advice? I'd very much like to move past this barrier I seem to have when it comes to serious relationships.


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  • No. The ones who were attracted to you were just losers. Go out and find a man for yourself. A good man.


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  • Go out to people and just talk to them, don't wait for people to approach you

  • in order to get a serious relationship, is to be forward with a guy on your intentions, not demanding or controlling.
    and go for the right guys, not the bad boy players.
    plus you being the one to approach a guy also helps, not be waiting for them to.


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