Guys, Do you like girls that are tall?

I'm a little bit on the taller side and i'm ether the same or an inch shorter then all of my guy friends. Would you still date me?


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  • What I've noticed is that a lot of guys say they like taller girls, me included, but it's rare to see a girl with a shorter guy.

    In my case, it's because I was a bit intimidated. When I tried asking girls out who were looming over me while looking up, I ended up kind of turning it cute and funny. Then they were like, "Aww, that's sweet." I actually wanted to ask them out seriously but the image of me looking up and asking a girl out was hard to take seriously and I ended up lightening it up with humor. They became close friends instead of girlfriends after that.

    That might explain why seeing a tall girl with short guys is rather uncommon. If so, it might be easier if the tall girl ends up asking the guy out.

    That said, being the same height or an inch shorter is not "tall" to me, since I think if it matters, it would be relative to the guy's height. Same or shorter is quite common, taller than the guy is a bit rare.

    • In my case the girls I tried asking out and couldn't do it with a serious face were over 6 feet tall (about a head taller than me). I'm only 5'7.

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  • If you were my age. lol
    I love tall girls. Very sexy.

  • Of course!! Tall girls are hot! Long legs, eye contact is easier, no one have to crane the neck...
    I personally prefer girls of my height or taller (I'm 5'11). So seriously, never worry about it! :)

  • Don't care one way or the other

  • it can depend , some I'd still find attractive , some tall girls can be really attractive


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