For Girls- how would you react to this?

I met a guy for a date. Before meeting I told him that I had a roach in my car and that's why I was late. When we walked into the restaurant he told me he saw a roach in my hair. I thought it was like a normal size or a roach so is trying to get it out of my hair and then he quickly whacked my hair really hard.

I mean he hit my hair really hard it was close to assault. I looked down and I couldn't see the bug and then I asked him where the bug was

The bug was so tiny you couldn't even see it on the floor and it was so small I can't believe he did what he did. How would you react to a jerk just hitting your hair really hard I think he just used as a reason to hit me

second situation- met a guy, first date and i ended up getting drunk. I offered to go to his hotel room b/c i couldn't drive. When we got there I wanted to rest. he kept saying- so what u wanna do? you want to have sex? I said no--I dont mind cuddling. Basically- then this jerk aggressively kept trying to finger me. I was telling him no but I was also really buzzed and couldn't do much. Then, at one point this creep took his d*ck out and tried to get me to grab it. He said "im helping you out, so you help me out." im thinking huh? helping you out? He's fingering me aggressively and then trying to manipulate me into touching his stupid d*ck. I got mad after and asked him why he did all that. Later i wrote a bunch of crap about him online with his picture- what would you do if some jerk did that to you...

the question is--how would you react to these people.. and what would you say to them--not how rude can you be and insult someone posting the question- gee a lot of jerks online as usual


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  • You should reconsider your taste on men 😝 they don't seem like human beings.

    • so this behavior isn't normal, for most guys... its just douchey and sick?

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    • So I'm a reject? I can keep a guy love. Not lead them on or have the common sense to leave. So enjoy your day. Try not get 'raped' as you follow men around love

    • i agree- so are these people sociopaths--esp the 2nd guy who acted so weird and sick- I've had other guys act this way--aggressive when i get drunk- it seems like something sociopaths do

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  • First guy-fuck him, I'm out. I'd tell him to aggressively whack his dick tonight because I was leaving.
    Second guy-fuck him, you were right for what you did, that guy is a fucking rapist and has probably done worse. If I were you, I would have asked the front desk to call the police for me and take me home because I was in an uncomfortable situation and was not in the right mind because I'm drunk.

    • i agree totally-- i'd think most women would probably hit the jerk back. I think im too nice and just sat there shocked- he's a jerk for sure. The 2nd guy- that's true as well. I remember watching him go to the curtains to make sure they were closed and I swear I thought--is he gonna try to rape me? He's sick... at least he's online advertised for the world to see, plus he works at disney so im gonna call and complain about him

    • Like that first guy, I can't even imagine what type of person does that.
      And guy two, it's really creepy that he works at Disney.

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  • I say you play around with too many fucking idiots. lol.

    • Well considering I'm blocked which is clearly mature, Lovely you clearly even said you asked him to come back as you got too drunk. It's stupid to assume another drunk guy won't try anything. On top of that you put yourself in a situation going back, drunk with a guy you never met. Now thats stupid.

  • are you a troll, or a loneler? Come and tell me shit in my inbox like you did to my friend please. Coz, you won't hurt me... I assume you are too immature to be on this website and you are simply a drama queen. No respect. ciao.

  • "I offered to go to his hotel room"
    "I ASKED to go to his room which means sex 99% of the time" You're both drunk, it's a shitty situation but that generally means lets fuck and you wanted to stay at his place so.. Don't act like you did him a favour by asking to stay over and use him for a room lol.


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  • 1st guy - I'd yell obscenities at him and there would be no date.

    2nd guy - leave the hotel room and ask for help at the front desk.

    • that's a good idea--the first date shocked me- he was ok after that, but i did text him today telling him what he did was close to assault--2nd guy his name and pic are on the internet

  • I'm sorry but the second situation you put yourself there. You used a guy for a room and generally they do assume sex after drinking taking a girl back so I really have no sympathy sorry...

    • thats stupid.. i didn't use him for a room wtf... i was drunk. Also there can be cuddling or fooling around but not aggressive foreplay.. you're an idiot

  • I can't believe that happened to you, I'm so sorry. Honestly for the first one i would be pissed and would have asked him if he could have possibly tried pulling it out first before hitting me? I basically would be death glaring him the whole time until he apologized. And the second situation I probably would have handled the same way you did except I would have called someone to come get me from the hotel if I could.

    • oh hey thanks... I agree- I should have totally said something to him for being such a jerk or creep. And the second guy- i never thought about calling anyone- I've been to hotel rooms with guys and most don't do anything unless you ask. But yeah I should have realized what was happening and stopped it, but I def learned a lesson- good hearing how other women would react to this stuff b/c im def not reacting right

  • guys tend to assume that they can have sex with you if you invite them over or go to their place. it's annoying.

    • they do, but they don't force aggressive foreplay. I also wasn't opposed to normal foreplay..

    • some do force themselves aggressively and some rape. you have to be careful.

    • they do- I've been to lots of hotel rooms with guys- very few even try anything, even though they want it. And if they do try something it's not too aggressive. This guy was a real jerk

  • Um. You need to make wiser decisions sweetheart.