When a guy cries at the thought of losing you... Is it always genuine?

I've been seeing this guy for a few months. We have been friends for a while before admitting our attraction to each other and it's been going quite well. BUT this weekend he bailed on plans with me last minute and I told him I felt it showed a lack of respect for me. He was really apologetic and wanted to talk things out, but I told him I received the message loud and clear. When we did eventually talk, he apologized again and - I was really shocked by this - but he actually shed some tears when he thought that I was done. My question is - are guys capable of using tears to manipulate/get what they want, or is that not something that would occur to them? I want to believe that it was a genuine show of vulnerability and indicates some depth of feeling, but I wonder if it could be a tactic to get me to forgive him.


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  • I get super pissed when people flake last second, what were the circumstances?
    Lol unless he also has a vagina I don't think he's putting on a show.
    Only people I know who cry on cue for speeding tickets and things are girls haha.

    • Thanks for the reply!
      He was at a going away party and said he'd be back at a certain time and we would go on our date. That time came and went and I was left wondering wtf happened. Apparently he lost track of time so when he texted me I felt pretty disrespected and told him so.

    • Yeah I can see getting pissed off about that, after a party isn't generally the best time to do anything either lol.

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  • Usually


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  • With most guy it is genuine and if it is it's because he could really love you all you could be using it to manipulate you that is one thing you have to find out for yourself all guys are different just like all women are different and yes guys are able to use tears to manipulate women just like some women do it to manipulate guys it all depends on the person


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  • Well it can be genuine, like his dog got lost or genuine like he stubbed his toe or genuine like he loves you. All genuine, all mean very different things.