Girlfriend of a year constantly texting a guy who she knows is in love with her. Am I just being paranoid, or might there be something going on here?

My girlfriend of 2 years has been recently texting another guy and being suspicious about it at that. I first noticed this about a month ago, but thought nothing of it because she has never given me a reason to distrust her. Around the time we started dating, my girlfriend met this guy on Facebook and SHE gave him her number. Every post and picture my girlfriend posts on Facebook, this guy ends up liking. She does it back to his posts and pictures. I caught her putting a heart instead of a like on one of his pictures. I called her out, and she said "it was probably an accident, I always hit the wrong button." I know this is not true, because a few of his pictures have received hearts from her, and it does not happen to anyone else's pics. A few days ago, he texted her that he loved her. I did not snoop through her phone; i saw it on the lockscreen. I pretended that i never saw. I panicked and my heart began to race, so she figured something was up, and she checked the message on her phone. She told me what he said without me bringing it up, but I believe she only did it because she knew I saw it. I was pissed at this point and told her to stop texting this guy because he clearly doesn't respect me or our relationship. She defended him religiously. After this, he keeps texting her that he is "thinking about her and dreaming about her" constantly, and she told me that he is a weird guy, so she doesn't know why he texts her like they're a couple. She claims that she has not flirted with him or did anything to hurt our relationship. I find that odd considering how infatuated he is with her. Now, however, i have noticed that she deletes the texts from him on a daily basis. I have not talked to her about this yet. I also discovered when she was scrolling through her photos, she has a pic of him saved on her phone, which I find to be odd. They have also facetimed a few times behind my back. Am I just being paranoid? My gut says my concern is legit.

I just find it odd that she texts this guy who's obsessed with her who she has never met, and refuses to stop talking to him, and tries to cover it up by deleting her conversations with him. Sorry for the novel.
I love her dearly and we see each other on a daily basis, and she tells me she loves me more than anything in the world. Just odd.


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  • Bottom line here, dear, from where I am sitting, the Love of your Life is having An... Internet affair with some Flair.
    Sit her down and with a careful Frown, tell her that it has to stop now. You Feel like a Fool in Front of her other FB friends and this has to End or your own Relationship of '2 years' and no more Counting, will go up in smoke.
    The next thing you know, He and She will be doing Skype, Possibly Planning to Meet and Greet. Put an end to it or it will Ruin a long term Relationship... Someone is Bound to get Burned with the Yearn.
    Somehow she has to Pick and Choose or Lose. The Chapter to this 'Novel' has to Close. Remember with them, it Takes Two to Tango.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I'd say so, I had that myself with my girlfriend back then


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  • I think you are being paranoid


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  • Run bro. Run fast.