Boyfriend hasn't had sex with me in 2 weeks?

We don't live together, I'm 33 he's 39. We been 2gether only 3 months. Got into our 1st fight almost a month ago. A week after the argument we did it. That was 2 weeks ago. Since we don't live together we were only having it 2-3x a week (whenever I saw him). Last week for the 1st time ever we didn't do it. I wasn't too worried bc I knew things were awkward anyway since the fight and he seemed genuinely tired. We feel sleep cuddling on the couch. I didn't hear from him for a few days and when I did he said he was sick and just got out the hospital with a minor stomach virus. He asked me to come over and take care of him so of course I said yes. But no surprise he didn't seem sick. He was playful with me but not extra affectionate. When we went to bed at 3am he immediately fell deep asleep didn't even touch me. I casually said in the morning - hey you feel asleep on me! - he said - yeah when I'm tired I go to sleep and I still feel sick -. I don't know what to think. Is he really tired/sick or is it something else? I considered he could be cheating but it doesn't seem so and I'm not one to make unfounded accusations. Plus why would he want me over if he didn't want or need any. Any thoughts?


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  • He's fucking another girl.


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  • Well, have you tried initiating sex? Don't expect him to initiate it all the time.