Is this girl nervous?

This girl texts me a lot and pretty much always is the first one to start the conversation but I'm always the one to approach her in person. If I don't approach her all she'll do is walk by and wave. When I do we don't say much to each other. But then again it's kinda awkward cause her friends are there and we never have anything to say to each other. Is it cause this girl is nervous or something?


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  • Wow that's like the way it is with me and my crush. I always text him first and I'm never the first one to say hi in school or something.with me I don't say hi in school because I'm nervous and don't know what to say, so it's possible that's she's nervous. Its also possible that she thinks you don't like her because you rarely text her first. But when your with her group of friends just try bringing up something that you two were talking about in text earlier. Or something she likes to do. Another thing you could do to make her feel less nervous is when she walks by and waves if you two are going the same way walk with her espiacially if she is walking alone! It gives you a chance to talk to her outside of texting and she is by herself.


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  • Not necessarily, the problem with todays society is that texting, instant messaging, Facebooking, youtube vlogging, twittering, and the billions of other forms of digital communication are so prominent today that allot of younger people have no idea what to do in a social situation. That's just one possibility, and yea it is dramatically easier to talk and flirt or whatever with someone when you aren't face to face, so yea she may be shy in real life, because then she fears you may reject her to her face, and that's dramatically more of an impact that some rude text message. I also totally get what you're saying about her being with her friends and you have no idea what to say, I mean their all listening and all you really want to do is talk to her, not her and her 10 closest friends who happen to be listening in just because she's talking to a guy. As for that see if you can find a way to get her away from her friends, maybe she'll open up a bit more and you can have a nice quite conversation together, maybe invite her to starbucks or something, expensive, but just an idea, someplace quite and casual, even a library would work.