Is being her friend going to change anything?

Okay so me and ex are finally talking normally for once and we had a argument sadly but she made a good point she said I never took the time to get to know her as a friend I just jumped head first into a relationship with her and I told her I wanted to do that this time and make this right but she said she doubts that will change anything. What should I do at this point in time act like we just met or keep trying to win her back?


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  • It didn't work the first time. It doesn't mean that one of you is bad or that you did something wrong. You just weren't meant for each other. That happens even when you really, really like each other and you might even be in love. The second time won't be different. The end will just come quicker. That is the way it usually works.

  • You don't act like you just met. You don't keep trying to win her back. Instead, you walk away and move on. She said she doubts that will change anything, in translation, I don't want to rekindle anything with you. Moving on is easier said than done, I know. But have some self-respect and walk away for good, please. I know too many guys who just stick around as friends after the breakup, it simply holds them back in their lives. Tbh, I was like that in the past as well. So please, WALK AWAY.