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this guy i've started dating has had to reschedule a ton with me for various reasons, and i wanted to show him that i don't put up with flakiness, so when he last rescheduled i basically told him, "i'm not a last minute reschedule girl. get ahold of me when you have proper time to spend :)"

one of my friends said it sounds angry, but i didn't think so. i just wanted him to know my boundaries. it's been two days though and he hasn't said anything.


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  • So this guy has been flaking on you several times?

    • Yeah. He rescheduled four different times.

    • Damn... I think it's understandable for you to send such a thing. And yeah that message you sent, sounded angry, BUT you are in your right


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  • It does sound a bit angry. You could have just told him you already had other plans. If you say "other plans" every time a guy tries a last minute reschedule, he will quickly get the message.

  • I would never call you again


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