Why am I like this?

I met this guy at the end of October. He is my friends brother. For some reason I really like him. He always makes me smile! I get all girly. We were kind of dating then I guess he got scared of the way he felt for me and ran. Now we are starting to talk again and all the old feeling are starting to come back! I am smiling just by talking to him. From what he says he feels the same way. The other side I am trying to fix things with this other whom I met after my friends brother. I do like him and I care about him. I know he is good for me. I don’t want to mess things up again with him. He doesn’t make me smile the way my friends brother does. This guy was a really messed up past.


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  • You're like this because you're young, easily swayed, and foolish. Fades with age when the part of your brain that computes reasoning fills in and you calm down hormonally a little.

  • You are the way because you are. Everything you experience and feel affects your perception of people and relatoinships, keep trying and experienceing new things..


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