How long do you wait before calling after a first date?

I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but I'm looking to hear from all the girls. When would you prefer hearing from a guy after the first date? In your comments please tell me if you believe the guy is too desperate if he calls too quickly, or playing games if he waits too long.

  • Call her the next day
    58% (46)68% (43)62% (89)Vote
  • Call her 2 days later
    36% (29)29% (18)33% (47)Vote
  • Call her 3 days later
    4% (3)3% (2)3% (5)Vote
  • Call her 4 days or later
    2% (2)0% (0)2% (2)Vote
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Thanks everyone for your responses. The girl actually made it much easier for me. She sent me an e-mail the next day saying that she had a great time and wanted to know if I would like to see her again. So I returned her e-mail with a call.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A girl wants to feel special and like she is being thought about. calling the next day, or even that night to say you had a great time and would love to go out again is the best option. If she wasn't feeling ya, she may be a little annoyed. but if she liked you she will be OVERJOYED that you have called so soon.


What Girls Said 7

  • I voted on waiting two days. I don't know about other girls, but for me, I like the mystery of wondering when he'll call. If he calls the next day, great, it's all fine. But the two days later makes it more exciting.

  • 2-3 days...3 day rule!

  • I honestly love it when he gives a text about an hour after the date :) (of course I don't answer until the next day)

  • 2 days if you really like her?

  • next day

  • i would like it if my date calls me the next day, its a reassurance for me. its lets me know he's interested and would like to see me again...


What Guys Said 4

  • I , a guy call the next day or even the same night . But there has never been a time when I did not feel sure there was something going on

  • I DOESN'T MATTER! You call when you feel like calling, the worst thing you can do is start to stress out on when to call. But just call ONE time or send ONE sms, not 1000 times or a page long sms, short and sweet, that's more important than timing

  • 5 hours 26 minutes.

  • text her the next day don't call. Be like, hey thanks for coming out with me yesterday I had a great time, or you are a lot of fun or something like that. Call two days after that to chat and try to schedule another one. Don't schedule a date for friday, saturday or sunday though. Get to know her better before you devote any of your weekend to her.