A hot guy in my college tried to make a move just after he saw me talking to another (hot) guy, during 6 months before that, nothing ever happened?

is he REALLY interested or is he just acting out of jalousy?
I did notice him look at me a lot of times before but I never considered that a move..


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  • My guess is that think he's really interested, always was, but seeing another guy make the move gave him the balls to actually do it by realizing that he can't just idly watch you the whole time and expect to get anywhere.

    • Basically the other guy gave him incentive to take some initiative in my opinion. I think the guy was afraid of asking you out more than jealous of the other guy. Realizing you could end up being taken by someone else if he didn't make his move probably spurred him into action.

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    • Oh damn. Maybe you can see him again. It sounds like he was quite interested in you for a while if I'm reading this right, albeit from a distance. Some guys have a difficulty working up the nerve to ask a girl out, especially young ones.

    • haha yeah he's 21 and i'm 20 i hope something may happen honestly :)

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  • I think it is out of jealous. He maybe single. Do you like him?

    • yeah, but didn't do anything about it too

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    • thanks ^_^ but now it's summer and hpefully he won't change his mind later

    • I hope so, too. ('o')