CRASHED MY DADS TRUCK now I want to move out... But I'm not sure if it's the best choice?

So today something horrible happened. I was driving into my house and I hit a pillar and completely destroyed my dads truck on my way home from my community college class. The whole right side of the hood is bent and the right light is ruined. So anyways I did some research and called a mechanic and it's gonna take about $5,000 to fix. My dad said I need to find a full time job and take a year off school until I can fix his truck. So that's the update on today... Long story short I've been wanting to move out for about a month and a half now. Here's my situation: I'll be 18 in 2 weeks. I don't have a car or a license, I was driving my dads truck which I just now killed. I have a part job and I only make about $100-$150 a week. I'm taking a class in college (just one) my brother has offered to let me move in with him.

So here's my plan and PLEASE tell me if it sucks major ass
1. I'm gonna get my license soon, I just hve one more driving hour and then I can go test. If my parents refuse to sign for me then I'll pay for my own course and take it as an adult in two weeks.
2. I can try to find a shitty car and pay for it with a credit card? Then again who's gonna give me a loan...
3. Move in with brother
4. Keep my job and keep going there till I save up more money
5. I can pay for my own college
6. I have about $500 saved up but that's all.
7. Find a better paying job

Also... I don't plan to pay for the repairs. I just can't. Even if I wanted to I couldn't. So if I leave he has nothing on me. He can't say "I pay for your house your school or anything you owe me"
I could slowly try to pay him back for it but honestly I didn't expect for him to make me pay for it. Even if I saved every penny of every paycheck it would take me a little over a year to pay him back with the job I have now. I just can't sacrifice school for that.


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  • That's a pretty immature thing to do, you don't try to screw over family like that.


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  • Well, moving out would be ideal for you. In the sense that your dad is upset that his truck is now destroyed. The thing is, it was an accident. But it's still going to cost money to fix the car. Unfortunately when crappy things happen as an adult, someone has to pay for it.

    This is a part of life. Moving out is only going to make it harder and prolong the time you will need to pay back your dad.

    I think you need to do your best to find a job which is close enough that you can either walk or bike, or even take transit. This is a fact of life. I'm not trying to be mean, but many people have to do those things to get to work. Many people do not have a car.

    Your best option would be to find something close enough to home to walk or bike so you can save on transportation costs. Stay at home as long as you are living there rent-free and save whatever money you can and give it to your dad to repay the loan.

    Once your loan is repaid, you can think about moving out and buying a car.


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  • Called a mechanic or took it in? Big big difference. Unless he's SEEN it he can't accurately judge shit.

    You should have worked for literally a week to get enough money to buy a shitty 2-300$ car of your own before school.
    You did something incredibly stupid and absolutely plowed into a concrete pillar. If you're only taking one class why can't you find a better job with more hours? Shouldn't be too hard, I can't imagine 1 class is every day for more than 2 hours? Can easily work full time hours around that, maybe two jobs.

    If I genuinely had an accident driving my dads truck he might say whatever, if I did something incredibly stupid he might say you're paying for this, either way if the insurance didn't cover it I would go pay the rest. It's not really a money issue, if I needed money for school he would give me a lot more than his truck is worth, but it's pretty dick to break your own dads truck while speeding and dicking around and trying to just run away and screw him over.

    This just sounds fucked,

  • Move in with your brother for now , and I'm assuming the truck is insured? Stay in school , get your license , keep your job... Until you can find better one. I know things will look better for you soon!!! 😃


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  • where is fix my dad's truck on that list because that is your responsibility... how do you run into a pillar?

  • If you "just can't" even pay $5000 back to your dad for his truck, then how exactly are you going to be able to move out, get a car? Even if you live with your brother, it costs a lot to basically support yourself. $500 saved up is not even a month's worth of expenses. With the job you have now, there won't be any "save up more money", you'll most probably be using all the money you get on food, bills, rent and all other expenses you have.

  • And somewhere through this plan of yours you're going to pay to repair the damage you did to your dad's truck... Right?

  • well it sucks but its just one year, how horrible is it going to be to just go a year later, by the way if you work full time without rent, or food, you can pay him back in a few months. it will not take a year by any mens. you can male 1`000 $ a week waiting tables and its immediate money.

    • That's true. I would have to uber to work though and that is going to get expensive fast.

    • 1K a week waitressing is an exaggeration, the average waitress/waiter really doesn't earn that much.

  • So paying for the truck should be in there or at least talking it out with him. The full time job idea sounds fine. Why can't you go to college a year late? You won't be able to afford living expenses + college + a car note + whatever DMV expense off of some okay job. Running away isn't going to solve anything. Act like an adult and take responsibility for your actions

  • Do quit school just, because of a CAR! You should not have said that. He should be encouraging you to finish school. As for the car, you can just save a portion of what you make. Before you know it, you will have $5,000. Why can't your father just buy another car, since he can see you don't have enough money to give him? 😐