Should I just stop trying?

I am interested in getting to know this boy, I find him attractive & funny. he gave me his number over Instagram with heart eye emojis saying to text him, so I know he has to find me some what attractive or he wouldn't do that right?

well, that's been about 2 weeks ago & we've only had a conversation ONCE!! when I text him it takes him hours to reply or he reads it & never replies back to me. he did FT me & tell me he's busy during the day because he works over night & then sleeps until like 3PM most times which I told him I understand call me whenever but since that convo that one time we haven't talked since. like I said he's horrible at texting, he does FT me though & when I FT him he answers but most times I can tell he's out so we talk for like 5-10 minutes, he knows I'm interested I've said that & id like to get to know him but I haven't had a chance to get to know him because we can never start a conversation due to his lack of replying. he has apologized for being bad at texting.
maybe he's just not that into me, but why not just tell me that?

basically, should I just quit & give up trying to get to know him? do you think a person can really be 'too busy' to text back?

--- @GUYS: if you're NOT interested in a girl you know is interested in you would you lead her on? or tell her you're not interested?

please let me know, thanks!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I wouldn't say stop trying. Clearly he wants to talk to you since he FTs you without you having to tell him to do that. I think his schedule just really is horrible. Next time you talk on FT ask him when he's free so you can hangout. If he can make time to see you then he's without a doubt interested, and if he can't make time for you then you know to keep your options open.


What Girls Said 2

  • He may be playing some stupid mind game, but I wouldn't keep giving him your time. If he was truly interested in you as a person he wouldn't play games.

  • A friend of mine once said something that kinda made sense with regards to "having time to text". She said to a guy once who have her that excuse...

    "Text me while you're pooping, you have time then". If you think about it, it's kinda true. I don't believe in never having time to text at least. There will be times you're busy but there's always a time... at some point.