Good ways to boost confidence/self esteem?

All my life I have been screwed up, It feels like everyone hates me...

My boss says/I know my work is not good enough...

My teachers always said I need to do better or I would get no where...

I suck at every single sport, hobby, activity there is...

I have been rejected countless times and never have had a girlfriend...

Might be because I didn't have a dad?

I don't want to be like this anymore, how can I get rid of this pittyness and make myself feel better?

What are some ways you boost your self esteem and confidence?


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  • Hey there
    I think it's a journey. Building up confidence doesn't happen over night. It takes a lot of time. Maybe even years. But it starts with discovering yourself. When you feel insecure there is usually a root cause of that, like you said you don't have a father. That right there could be a big reason why you feel like a screw up.. Your not by the way. That's a lie that most of us believe at least at some point.
    Here is my advice to you, whenever you feel that insecurity, those doubts, whatever it is, stop yourself right then and there. What is causing those thoughts and are they really true? And if they are without a doubt true and you don't like what you see, you don't like that thing about yourself, work on it. If you can't work on it, accept it.
    at the end of the day your stuck with yourself, you are you, that won't ever change and once you accept that fact and become comfortable with who you are, you will start to realize that you can help yourself, you can be your own best friend because you know yourself better than anyone else knows you. Their opinion of you is not important anymore. It's how you view you that makes the difference.
    by the way girls love a guy who is confident and know who he is and what he wants


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  • You have to go outside of your comfort zone. Do things which make you feel uncomfortable. In time you'll gain more confidence.

    Low Self-esteem means you don't recognise your own worth. So you have to try to change your own negative way of thinking. If anyone says anything negative to you just let it go over your head... don't take it to heart.

    Don't take things too seriously. It doesn't matter if you aren't good at sport or other things. Just try to enjoy the things that you do.

    Try to change aspects of your life that can be changed, but accept things that can't be. Change your outlook and mindset and you will become more content and happier in your life. Our happiness in life depends on what we think about.


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  • By not caring about negative things. Like, at all.

  • learn a new skill, travel the world, do things on your own.

  • Go to gym. It really helps. But be careful not to turn into an asshole like a lot of guys do at gyms.