Need girl advice, don't know what to do at this point?

I have a crush on a girl that's been having my heart since the day I saw her, I actually remember it like it was just yesterday, me and her always talk while at work (that's where we met) she does give that vibe that she is into me, I've heard it a lot from other people that know my situation however when I text her she always gives me short responses and I don't even have her number I just do it through social media so my question is the reason why she does it is because I don't have her number and maybe if I do that will mean she will be more interactive through phone or it doesn't make it difference wether I have it or not?


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  • Just ask for her number. Maybe that's just how she texts. Might as well take action if you're into her and you think she's into you

    • I totally agree with her. just ask her for her number and tell her you're interested in her.

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  • I am not a girl to give advice but you can select me as mho for saying don't ask for girl's advice