Should I be worried?

My boyfriend and I are in a ldr for a year. I visit him twice a year. He's going to a bbq birthday party tmr which is totally fine by me but he's crashing at his best girl friend's house. I've met her and most of his friends. The thing is she'll be crashing at her bf's house so it'll just be my boyfriend and her roommate (whom I also know). Socially we're not that close and I feel a little weird that he'll be alone with her. He said that it's kinda awkward but hope they'll warm up and at least talk. I suggested that they play games (ps4, boardgames etc. watch youtube videos... He asured me that he would drink responsibly and won't do anything stupid. Should I be worried?


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  • Do you trust him? Trust doesn't mean anything if you freak out whenever that trust is put to the test.

  • worried?


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