Has anybody dated a celeb or a billionaire before what was it like?

tell me your experiences?


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  • I've never dated a billionaire before but I did date a guy who came from a family of millionaires. I also dated a guy who was a celebrity in the international dance world.

    The guy who was rich by bloodline, we'll call him X, was a lot of surface fun but when I really got to know him, I found out that he was a borderline sociopath. When it started out, it was amazing. He was charming, fun, took me on adventures, refused to let me pay for anything, he flew me out to L. A., Vegas, and Paris/never let me pay for any travel expenses, and looked at me like I was crazy when I pulled out my wallet. We only dated for about 6 months when I had to cut that chit short. The only thing that guy really cared about was power and p*ssy. I watched him backstab several friends and I am convinced that he is a pathological liar. I don't know how many lies I caught him in. Near the end of it, after I established that he was a certified nutcase, I learned that he was also dating and spoiling two other girls who looked exactly like me. He was so gorgeous and charismatic with the face of an angel but totally manipulative, deceptive, and treacherous.

    The other guy I dated is well known among the hip hop dance community. Dating him was a lot of fun just because we were always going to fun events and it's like everywhere we went, he was so warmly greeted and welcomed (and so was I for being with him). However, he traveled a lot so it felt like we couldn't really have a real relationship. I felt like I couldn't get everything I needed from him. His constant need to post his life publicly was annoying af and some of his little fans would hate on me when he'd post pictures of us on Instagram. I couldn't stand that but apart of his career was putting himself out there and keeping the public tuned into him and his life.

    Fun experiences but I wouldn't do it again.

    • Might I add that over time, X started trying to control me like he controls his pretty little trinkets. It was effing weird and it would have definitely spiraled into an emotionally abusive relationship had my ma not raised me to be one fiery lady. He would give me the cold shoulder and the silent treatment if I decided to go out to a party and he wanted to stay in or one time when I spent "too much time being friendly" with HIS friends at the beach. Like wtf was I not supposed to try to make connections with them and laugh with them? When we were in Paris, he told me to bring a really nice dress so I backed this gorgeous red satin maxi dress with a slit. I had never worn it and it made my collar bone look damn sexy. That morning, he asked me what I was wearing when we were in the hotel and when I showed it to him, he acted like he liked it. So we go off and do our own thing in the city for the day and when I get back to the hotel, he has this hideous velvet green thing with awkward

    • (cont.) ruffled sleeves waiting for me on the bed. I kindly thanked him for the dress but showed up for dinner in my satin one and he acted ready to kill anyone who stared at me for more than 10 seconds the whole night. It's like as time grew on, everything that attracted him to me he started to despise and get jealous over.

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  • Of course. I actually only date billionaire celebrities or princes.

    • really tell me about it?

    • You know, it's your typical private jet flights to New York to shop for a new dress to wear at dinner in Paris followed by dancing on their 300 foot yachts. or a weekend on their private island in the Med. Stuff like that.

  • I've dated Johnny Depp. He was very abusive 😔.

  • Nope and any one on here that says they have is most likely lying...


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  • Nope , but I have a celebrity friends if that counts

  • I once won $9000 in vegas and blew it all pretending to be a celebrity if that counts