What do you do when you're mad/jealous? (my story in details)?

So, I went to the bar for my friend's 22nd birthday party, and I invited my boyfriend to go with me. Everything is great, and everyone was having a great time. Boyfriend left the dance floor after while, and much later, I joined him because I wanted my friend to have some alone time with the guy she liked. Anyways, I go there, and he basically tells me that he has to protect these girls (whom he's never met) from all the dudes around them. I'm a little... eh... because, again, he doesn't know them and also, they were in a large group of 5-7 already. It was kind of annoying, and he just payed them attention instead of me. So, I ended up leaving to go take his car to get my friend to McDonalds so she can eat and drink water. He texted me, asking where I was, and I told him. When I came back, he was still talking to the group of girls and basically ignored me. I ended up walking home because I was pretty mad about it. I'm still pissed.

What do you do when you're mad/jealous? I'm trying to cool down, but I'm too hot headed right now.


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  • Wow. What an arrogant asshole. You need to dump him that's for sure.

    He can't be some imaginary hero for girls he shouldn't even be caring about.

    And what I do when I'm mad, (like I am now XD)
    I usually listen to some loud music, go for walks, talk to other girls and flirt with them. Makes me feel like I'm getting payback XD

    • I went out for a walk myself. I wouldn't flirt with other guys because it's just not my thing. The walk did make me feel better but it was at like 3-5am so it was prolly really dumb to go at that time for me.

    • Walking will help you cope with your problems. But problems are problems. They're reality and the problem is still there

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  • I'm sure most people would feel annoyed at that. It's a strange thing to do when he doesn't even know them. I'm sure they probably go out regularly and don't have a protector around them. It's an insult to those "dudes" too.

    I view it as disrespectful towards you. Why should his priority be strangers and not quality time with you. You had every right to be mad in this situation, and he should understand your reason. I'm sure if he was in this situation he'd feel the same way you do

    • Yeah, that also bothers me that if I basically ditched him to hang out with a group of guys, he'd get really mad too. I'll probably talk to him about it tomorrow, but I feel like on average, anyone would agree that it's really weird and he didn't have to do it. He didn't seem that concerned about my friend and I, even though it was just us two girls who were also getting hit on...


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  • Well when im mad or whatever i take myself out of the present moment and focus mainly on my past and future. I have a motto for my future thats "no days unalert" and i don't make decisions because im mad or w. e i just relax take deep breathes and do things to distract me. Now most of the time i just snap before i even get a certain emotion because my mind is so clouded but do like i said take death breathes take urself out of the present moment and have things distract u like funny videos

    • Yeah, he called me after the fact that I had walked home and I kinda snapped at him. I should have ignored his call and just continued to keep cooling off. I'll talk to him tomorrow about it, but yeah, I was pretty mad.

  • Thats definitely a bit weird..

  • Maybe


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