Guys, Do you regret choosing a plain girl over a good looking one?

If you liked two girls, and they both had good personalities, and you connected to both emotionally, but you had more chemistry with one, and she was better looking, and you decided to go for the other one because it felt safer, do you regret it?


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  • I wouldn't really say it works like that, for me at least anyways. For me looks come first, they're the first impression. I'm instantly going to put a girl who's physically attractive in a higher status in my mind and therefore if she connects with me, she'll be the one I go with. The girl who's less attractive is going to have to connect with me on a deeper level to spark my attraction to a level higher than the girl who's good looking. It really depends on the circumstances, there's lots of cases where I've loved a girl who wasn't the kind of girl I'd point out on the street as being incredibly beautiful *at first*, but as I've gotten to know her I've started to fall for her to the point that even if by societies standards she wasn't considerably attractive, in my standards she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

    Initial Impression: Superficial, mostly based on looks.
    Long-term emotional impression: Based on personality, experiences, connections etc.

    • Yeah I really don't know. Like I said, both of our personalities are similar, but he would always put me in the "out of his league" category. When we're in public he would make sure guys knew I was with him, and only him. I'm really confused to why he chose another girl over me.


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  • Why would a guy ever do that, especially when he had better chemistry with the better-looking one? I don't understand how the one with less chemistry is the "safer" choice.

    • Well a guy did that to me, he used to always tell me I was out of his league, and everyone around us would tell us you could see how we really click and work well together. I'm really confused.

    • I see. His idea of "chemistry" might be a tad different from yours and those spectating though. Anyway, if I was in the situation you described, yeah I'd regret it. Seems exceptionally dumb to "settle".

    • Thats true, but he's the one that kept pursuing me, so he must have at least felt something. Thanks for the answer.

  • It usually doesn't matter who I choose, it's always a failure one way or the other. Can't really have regrets given that.

  • Umm I would always go with the one I had more chemistry with