He's a lot of things but everyone calls him a fuck boy and there are reasons to believe so. But how do I really know if he's completely loyal?

I've been dating this guy for almost a year and he does seem an ideal guy, but there's so many unanswered questions floating about. From the first day we met he never said my name out loud, until I mentioned it. He never introduced me to his friends as his girlfriend... only as any other female friend. And we've also had problems, like I used to get messages from other girls saying they were at that moment dating him, and they gave me proof of their words. Those girls would have screenshots of their messages from him. But the majority of those girls would either live in a different city or a different state, so I would doubt their certainty. I asked advice from female friends of mine and they all would say the same thing: If its already so much drama and its always arguments then both of you should just break up. I did ask him about all of those girls and he would either say they're an ex or girls who won't leave him alone. He did cheat on me twice with the same girl and ever since then I always have doubted his loyalty and mostly because he lies over little things that matter to me but not him. I admit that I'm the person who occasionally starts the arguments and I dont stick around to fix them. Everyone we both associate with has accused him of being a "fuck boy." He's always been a loving type of person and he's never appeared as the cheating type to me but how am I to truly know?


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  • By being in a relationship with him :) check mine www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q2061253-girl-interested-or-not

  • If he has already cheated on you twice, why are you even with him?
    You deserve better than that, go get someone better than that.

    • Yes, he did cheat and I forgave him. And to answer your question about why I am still with him, is that I had cheated after he did. Not right away, I had done so about four months after him, but I immediately regret it that same day and I told him. I had told him about what happened because I felt awful for doing that and well his reaction was the same as mine when he did it to me. But basically the only reason why I even cheated was because I wanted him to feel what I had felt, in other words I wanted to be even with him. Even after all of that he's willing to keep our relationship going. We both made mistakes but here we are still trying.

    • I mean, that's wrong on your end too.
      I would have just dropped someone who cheated on me in the first place. It's rarely worth keeping.

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  • seems like he's hiding a lot of stuffs from you and its a red flag