Girls, what do you think of a guy that at some point you rejected and he continued pursue you for years?

I liked a guy, we hang out together, then I gave him the just want to be friend speech. After few years he is still thinking about me, I do not see anymore because we live in different cities, but he send me very thoughtful birthday present every year. I asked him if he was dating and he answered that after he met me he never date another girl and he will not do it. He will just wait until I will give him a chance.
How you would feel in this situation?


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  • I'm in this situation with a girl and she continues to pursue me. I don't think she'll give up until I find someone. Even then I'm concerned she might try and throw a spanner in the works

    • And I feel stalked sometimes

What Girls Said 1

  • If he continued to pursue you after you drew the line... that's scary. If anyone does this, guy or girl, that's scary. People need to know when to stop. That's trying to control someone else/thinking you can change their minds. Nothing can...