I'm falling for my boyfriends friend?

I have been with my boyfriend for about 5 years now and I love him, he and I have had many many problems over the years and I think I've started to fall out of love with him.

One year into our relationship I met one of his 'best friends' who lived in another state with his long term girlfriend at the time. We hit it off immediately, same sense of humor and just all around similarities. We spent the better part of that night chatting among ourselves.

Well said friend returned home, after the party we met at, and only two weeks later he and his girlfriend broke up. He moved back to our home town and a year later I saw him again.

A girl I was close with at work had met him at a gas station and took a liking to him. So we told her we knew him and hooked them up. He became a very close mutual friend of my boyfriend and I and started hanging out with us all the time as he lives just 5 minutes away.

He dated her for about a month and during that time he would boast about me in front of everyone. He would casually say I was the funniest girl he ever met and how he lives to laugh.

Fast forward to last year after two more failed relationships on his part and my boyfriend cheating.

He came out and told me he had a dream wed slept together and that my boyfriend was lucky because he has always thought I am 'so hot'.

Since then he flirted majorly hard at ALL TIMES, but now he's sending me mixed signals, like leaving parties when I arrive and barely talking to or hanging out with me in the past month. I don't know what to think about any of it.


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  • Tough to get clear signals when you are in a relationship with his "best" friend. I am sure he is trying to be respectful to his buddy and cross too far over lines. You are in a really bad spot here. To break up with your boyfriend to only date his best friend will cause nothing but drama and turmoil between them. It will be messy and awkward. Are you sure you want that? It does seem like you are a better match with the friend, and I can't fault you for going after someone better, but be prepared to cut all ties with your current boyfriend once he becomes an ex if so.


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  • I think the right thing to do would be to break up with your boyfriend. You no longer want him.


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  • I have an honest question - what do you hope would happen between you and him?

    • I can't hope for anything, because I would never want their friendship to be destroyed. I just want him to be happy, he's truly an awesome guy and he deserves someone who CAN love him forever.

    • Gotcha.. Well, if protecting their friendship is most important, there really isn't much to think about

  • Women aren't loyal smh

    • Actually I have been loyal, I have never cheated on him, EVER. He on the other hand has cheated more than a handful of times. I still never even thought about cheating.

  • Your boyfriend cheated and you're still with him? He's leaving because it sucks being around what he can't have.

    • Yes, his friend, the one in question told me about him cheating, and let me use his Facebook page to get the girl to admit it. And we split after that, but then the same friend called me to help my boyfriend get me back.

  • well you obviously are not doing anything to show interest back, so to a guy thats rejection from a girl, so (with any guy) if you want him go forward and ask him out and tell him your feelings and what you want of him.

    • I can't do anything because I am dating his friend

    • soo, your cheating? thats bad.

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