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I went out on two dates with this girt and between the two dates we hung out with mutual friends and went to parties...She seemed very into me and things were going great...I ask her out on a third date and she says she is busy all weekend but says she is free during the next week and weekend so I sent her a text the other night to see if she was still up for doing something and I get no response to the text its now been two days sent I sent the text...What do you think happened here?


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  • First of all...What are you doing asking her out with a text...I would ignore that text myself...How impersonal...I would feel like you did want to take the time to call me...If she doesn't have that opinion it could be she simply didn't get the text...or doesn't know she got it..happens to me...But really...CALL HER...

    • Sorry should have made it clear, I'm female (21) and he's male (22). But you are right, I probably should call. Thing is, I am worried I may appear clingy.


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  • Not sure. When a girl says she's busy but free at another time, that usually means they actually want to meet up with you.

    Whatever you do, don't text her. Give it a week and if nothing, you gave it a good shot.

  • Don't worry too much about her not texting back (but only if it's once or twice). If she never replies then she is obviously not interested.

    I always text once, if there's no answer I call a day or two after. If she doesn't answer the phone and doesn't ask why I phoned afterwards I take it that she's not interested.

    This has worked pretty well for me. The fact that she doesn't answer this one text does not mean much. Just phone and see what happens.