How can I win my new girlfriend mom over?

Ok so am facing the same problem in my new relationship as my old one. my new girlfriend mom doesn't approved of us dating which is kind of the same reason i lost my ex girlfriend so am worried. The think is i understand why her mom worried about at the same time her reasons are kind of raceist. My new girlfriend mom feels becuase am black am not gonna go any where in life and doesn't like the fact i dont drive by my age. I do have my permit and i have been making some big changes in my life this year. I have 2 jobs and i was almost done with my trade school but had to drop out when my house burned down since i had no where to go for a few days. It just seems like everytime am making good changes in my life something happens to stop it so now i gotta go back to my trade school and start all over agin.


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  • Why do you keep dating girls who come from racist families? Thats what you should ask yourself before you try and figure out how to get your girlfriends racist mom to tolerate you

    • No my first girlfriend parents were not raceist just super over protected and felt since i had no job or anything at the time i wasn't gonna go any where in life.. they once said how can i supported my gf? my 2rd girlfriend parents were ok but my girlfriend cheated on me. Now my 3rd girlfriend the new one her mom raceist but not really she does not care of were friends but does not want us dating.

What Guys Said 1

  • I think its pretty normal for the mother to not like the guy at first or not like him at all , eventually some may come around once they realise girl genuinely likes the guy