Is this leading towards dating or FWB?

I recently slept with one of my guy friends for the first time. We've been flirting a bit for awhile. I've known him and his family for years. Before it happened we had grabbed a bite to eat and talked for a long time. He joked that he would be my wedding date to future things and going traveling together and He paid. Then after it happened he cuddled with me all night and kissed my forehead quite a bit. Then next morning we laid around and cuddled more and then went and got breakfast. My gut says he actually likes me but I wanted to get others opinions.


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  • Don't fuck him and ask what he wants

  • Out of curiosity.. What do you hope comes from it?

    • I'm not sure. Just afraid he's going to disappear since we slept together or become not interested. But I would like to keep it going and just see what happens because I like him

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    • Just once.

    • He may have just wanted sex to be honest. Or maybe he wants something more casual. You should ask him his feelings

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  • Right now? friends with benefits. Maybe it may lead to something serious though.