How can I ask him to hang out?

He moved away and I fell in love with him before he moved. We were friends but I always get this weird feeling that all my friends are annoyed by me... like he didn't initiate conversations a lot but we were both shy so I don't know. He'd sometimes just smile at me when he caught my eye. Like one day close to when he was gonna move I told him, "Just in case I don't see you before you go..." and hugged him. I saw him later that day and he just kept smiling at me. But also when he first got a job in college he told me as soon as he saw me and initiated the conversation, like he was excited to tell me. But as I liked him more and more I was brave and talked to him more and more and at one point he asked me what I was doing for dinner and I stupidly said, "I already ate, but I'll go somewhere with you"

Anyway he moved and he keeps posting stuff on social media that says his he hates when people say they miss him and don't put effort in to keep being friends/see him etc. I'm gonna be passing through his new home area soon and he's starting school soon at his new school so I thought of maybe saying something like, "Hey, hope you're having fun at your new house. Miss you lots! We should meet up" or something but I don't wanna sound creepy... plus he already made a bunch of new friends he's obsessed with and I can't compete with these blonde model girls he knows. Would it be weird to ask him like that? Or what's a better way to ask him if that seems too creepy?


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  • Not creepy as all. As for the social media thing, I wouldn't sweat it. Trust me, I once had a HUGE crush on a girl, and everything she posted on social media, I thought was a sub on me (I was insane haha). However, it wasn't for me and all was well. I would ask him out, talk, flirt, and if you really like him, NOW is the time to tell him.

    • I think he kinda knows because after I said bye to him he came to my house right before he left and I cried and told him I'd miss him. He got a little awkward after that so I hope I didn't ruin it

    • I don't know if you ruined it, and trust me, us guys can be quite oblivious so don't assume he knows. Just telling straight up lets him know how you feel and you can about it then. From the sound of you, and your story, you sound like a really sweet caring girl, and even if he doesn't like you that way, I'm sure you will find someone new to fall in love with.

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  • That sounds pretty neat and not creepy at all. Plus, you show him your interest in a subtle way.


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  • No it's fine. Not creepy at all. Good luck


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