Was he just drunk or did I hurt his feelings?

With this new guy we were talking about interracial relationships and he asked if I ever had one. I said yes. He asked what happened/why did it end. I told him that I was a jerk to him and told him he was on my roster. The new guy looked at me and said, "you really did that?". I said yea I did and that's when HE asked me where he was on my roster. I said 35 which was clearly a joke. No one can possible be seeing that many people lol.

He got drunk the other night and asked how to get to the top spot, asking if his ranking is really that low, said "I'm sure your top person calls your princess", "I have a top person too". "Actually I'm joking you're the only one and I'm letting you know now that i f you talk to other guys that would hurt my feelings". I just chalked it up to him being drunk and that he didn't mean all that stuff. He contacted me the next few days after that but then got silent on me for days. So I reached out to him and I get a text this morning saying he was just joking about the roster thing. So I guess it really doesn't bother him and there's no need to address it anymore?


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  • Pretty much, HELL YEAH!!!


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  • A bit of both actually.