Boyfriend talking to ex... Help me?

I'm 22 and me and my boyfriend have been dating for 9 months. His ex (which I don't think they ever actually officially dated) was in town on vacation. I was using his phone for non snooping reasons, mine was dead I was having to text someone and I ran across her name. I gave in for a minute and read a few texts, all pretty platonic small talk except he offered to show her and her brothers around the town for drinks. I stopped looking after that. My thought is... Is this enough to get worked up over? I'm having trouble with this because I would never entertain the thought about hanging with my ex or carrying on conversations. I don't want to sound like I don't trust him, or I'm being bitchy or crazy I just am kinda bothered by it... Thoughts?


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  • He should have told you. Now you must wonder if he simply thought it wasn't important or if it was something that he wanted to hide. I would be concerned if I was in your position.

    • well how do you suggest i approach the topic with him? I'm just scared he's going to think its not a big deal and we get in some fight over nothing. The girl lives 5 hours away 99% of the time so she's not physically around and she has a boyfriend. I don't know, I'm letting it eat away at me

    • "I'm just scared he's going to think its not a big deal." Why does he get to decide whether it is a big deal? You should be making that decision.

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  • Has he ever mentioned to you that he still talks with his ex?